TO LOVE & TO LAST by Nature

Our products will not date, but will mellow and improve with age. They are designed to love & to last!
We aim a considered approach. We stay in Europe and keep it simple, traceable and long-lasting.


We like to work close with our suppliers and manufacturers, all family owned and run, within in several generations.

Our premium products benefit from craftmanship, european grown and processed materials, well thought-out functionality and with a long life.


We produce on demand, which means that we do not have a huge stock.

We think it is much more progressive to only produce a limited volume for that what you need. That is how we avoid having big storages or left-overs....


We do not need to travel far to source excellent materials, fibres, and Craftmanship.

The entire range of HELEN WELLS products is developed and manufactured by European product specialists and craftsmen, mainly in Germany.

We aim to stay in Europe and discover beautiful materials and great manufacturers.



We believe that patina coming with age is appreciated and even desired. It is worth conserving and we are sure it adds the special touch.
So give your products a good clean, treat them spa-like, get them carefully repaired and mended to enjoy them for some more years to come.
Every item can be honoured with some help from our REPAIR & SPA Service, or look at our CARE GUIDE to help yourself and your beautiful product.