Dog Bed Sherpa


Made to order item / Shipping in 2 - 4 weeks


This Sherpa Bed is luxurious and all-natural. Crafted with no synthetic fibers - just the finest, softest washable Sheep Wool.

Available in 3 sizes and colours.

  • 3 sizes: S, M and L
  • 3 beautiful colours: Creme, Nougat and Marone
  • Outside: 100% woolen Sherpa  cover
  • Inside: pure Sheep wool & felt mattress
  • 100% linen mattress cover
  • easy to change, zipper on bottom
  • no clumping due to individual layers of wool/felt
  • Dog bed washable in the washing machine
  • classic proven design
  • Handcrafted in Austria
  • Mattress available separately and refillable if required
  • suitable for dogs up to 25 kg



The first dog bed with 100% natural material. It is all about sheep wool, inside and outside. This is THE new sherpa - without any Polyester. 

The filling consists of pure sheep's wool and felt. The wool filling is natural and, therefore, still has a pleasant "residual smell" of sheep's wool.
A pure linen cover protects the filling and makes washing easier.

As it is a wool product, it, of course, offers all the good qualities of natural wool:

  • warm in winter / cool in summer
  • natural self-cleaning effect
  • dirt-resistant & odour-inhibiting
  • absorbs moisture


Pure natural materials let your dog's nose "breathe".


Because of our dog beds' unique set-up of natural components, we want to guide you in taking care of it. So please have a closer look at our CARE GUIDE.



    • S - 60 x 40 cm
    • M - 80 x 60 cm
    • L - 100 x 80 cm
    • height: 10 cm


    • S - 50 cm (inside 30-35 cm)
    • M - 80 cm (inside 40-45 cm)
    • height: 10-15 cm

    Please measure your dog and allow your dog to turn around, lie down and stretch easily. Have a look at our SIZE GUIDE.

    • Bed Cover: 100 % Pure New Wool / Tweed
    • Mattress filling: 85 % Pure NEw Wool / 15 % PLA / 100 % Wool Felt
    • Mattress cover: 100 % Linen
    • Made by Hand in Germany

    Tweed is 100 % wool, so preferably do not wash or at least as less as possible. So if dirty, please let it dry first and then scrubb surface gently with a soft brush.

    Wash the Tweed Cover as follows:

    • 30° delicates (not suitable for dryer)
    • use extra wool laundry detergant
    • no spin, so softener
    • no tumble dryer

    Wool mattress with Linen slipcover wash:

    • 30° delicates (not suitable for dryer)
    • use extra wool laundry detergant
    • no tumble dryer
    • please dry flat (not on heater or in the sun)

    In any doubt, please have a look at our CARE GUIDE.