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Durable premium tweed quality, boasting all the excellent attributes of natural wool.
  • Finest British tweed
  • upholstery quality
  • 100 % Wool
  • washable in the washing machine
  • classic proven design

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Our Tweed is designed to withstand heavy use, with superior abrasion resistance that maintains its color and shape over time. This is particularly important for daily use.

The selection and creation of our designs and colors make them easy to mix and match with other products within the Helen Wells Collection. You can even coordinate your dog bed with a matching pillow, collar, and lead.

Made from 100% wool, our Tweed is not only washable and durable, but also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

For tips on how to prolong the life of your Tweed fabric, refer to our CARE GUIDE.



    10 x 10 cm fabric swatch
    on cardboard

    • 100% Premium Tweed
    • from Ireland or UK

    Tweed is 100 % wool, so preferably do not wash or at least as less as possible. So if dirty, please let it dry first and then scrubb surface gently with a soft brush.

    Wash the Tweed fabric as follows:

    • 30° delicates (not suitable for dryer)
    • use extra wool laundry detergant
    • no spin, so softener
    • no tumble dryer

    In any doubt, please have a look at our CARE GUIDE.