Our Dog Beds are exceptional, but it`s washing and handling are actually quite similar to handling a Merino jumper.

Just follow our steps and you will be fine.

Prepare your filling

1. Make sure you separate the dog bed cover from the filling.
2. Open the linen filling cover and gently take out all the four different layers of wool and felt, one by one. 
3. Depending on the size of your
washing machine, wash the layers separately by gently putting each layer into the linen dog bed slip (or any other pillow slip that meets the size).
4. Close the zipper and wash as follows.


How to wash the FILLING

1 - wash on hand-wash or wool cycle only! 
2 - low temperature (cold or max. 30°)
3 - no spin!
4 - use mild detergent (for wool & silk)
5 - no use of softener!
6 - no tumble dryer!
Repeat this with all the layers until all layers have been washed.


How to dry the FILLING

1 - after washing, lay all layers flat onto a towel for drying
2 - do not hang them for drying
3 - do not lay them onto a heating radiator
4 - (empty) linen cover can be dried, hanging
Repeat this with all the layers until all layers have been dried.


How to assemble your filling

Once all wool mattress layers are dry, assemble them back together.
First, take your linen slipcover, zipper facing upwards and lay in the
different layers as follows:
(A) first lay a wool layer into your linen cover
(B) then a felt layer
(C) then a wool layer
(D) finally, a felt layer
Close the zipper of the linen cover and assemble the filling back into your dog bed cover.
Ensure that the zipper is facing upwards, so both / all zippers are always on the bottom when you turn the dog bed.