Dog Wool Balls


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Dogs and balls - are two things that belong together! And this one smells great and does not harm the teeth. Handmade in Germany, 100% sheep wool with no squeaker, in beautiful natural colours


  • 100 % felted wool 
  • kindly supplied by "Valais Blacknose Sheep" / Switzerland
  • no squeaker inside
  • natural colours
  • available in two sizes (Ø 4 cm / Ø 7 cm)
  • made by hand in a social workshop for people with disabilities
  • Made in Germany





Those balls are just an all-time favourite. 100% wool felt offers a soft and sheepish touch, and dogs love the smell and suitable size for fetching, carrying and playing.

They are traditionally produced by hand, in this case, by lovely manufacturers from a workshop for people with disabilities. This exclusive wool comes from sheep from Switzerland, specifically from the Valais Blacknose Sheep, known for their cute black faces.



Please bear in mind no Wool Ball is indestructible! This ball cannot withstand a dog's extreme nibbling and destruction instinct. So if your dog has a more demolishing manner with toys in general, this product may be less suitable.


  • S = Ø 4 cm
  • M = Ø 7 cm
  • 100% felted wool
  • natural sheep colours
  • Orange + Berry are dyed according "Öko Tex Standard 100"
  • made by hand in Germany
  • no squeaker inside

Notice: This is a natural product, so slight colour differences and small inclusions may occur.

All felt balls are free of harmful substances.


You can dab the surface with a soft wet cloth for stubborn dirt and light stains.

Mildly soapy water is helpful for this purpose.

  • do not wash in washing machine