Would you would like to know how your dog feels when sleeping on pure wool?

Here we go!


Wool can “breathe“ other than Polyester. It can continually absorb moisture away from the body and releases it as vapour in the air. It is twice as effective as other materials at moving moisture vapour through a piece of fabric and several times better than Polyester. So guess what your dog feels when lying on wool or on plastics?


Wool is a perfect natural insulator and provides an ideal microclimate for sleep. In addition, it regulates the body temperature in summer and winter, keeping your dog´s temperature and sleep stable. Imagine: Sweating or feeling cold in your bed? Same here with your dog.


Wool “breathes “naturally, inherently and permanently. It creates a micro-climate that limits the process of building up bacteria and unpleasant odour — so no more or at least less "stinky” dog beds with that excellent odour resistance.


Wool also reduces humidity, limiting the opportunities for dust mites, bacteria, mildew and mould, which improves sleeping conditions for allergy sufferers. Is your dog allergic? Think about it.