Tweed is a traditional and proven product made from wool. To name just a few unbeatable qualities of Tweed....

# NATURAL PRODUCT made from sheep wool
# NOBLE KNOT FABRIC with a rough feel
# RESISTANT to bacteria, mildew & mould
# COMFORTABLE in warm or cool conditions
# NATURALLY anti-static & easy-care
# BREATHABLE & insulating effect with moisture regulation
# ROBUST & hard-wearing
# SUITABLE for all outdoor activities
# WITHSTANDS perpetual use whilst retaining colour & form

HELEN WELLS Design - dedicated to Coutry Life with Dogs

We love the British Country Style and therefore we offer a range of single-coloured Tweed variants, as well as structured and checked ones, all with a very unique and stylish design.
We are in love with the beautiful shades, patterns and texture of this traditional fabric.
We only use Premium classic tweed from England and Ireland and work closely and directly with the manufacturer.

TWEED all over our place!

You can use it for (almost) anything. We discovered that Tweed is a perfect choice and fit for our DOG BEDS, COLLARS & LEADS, PLAIDS and TWEED BONES.
Its superior performance compared to man-made fibres, and we benefit from the durability of upholstery Tweed fabrics, which can withstand perpetual use.