Le Petite Merino or our beloved Neckerchief

Discover petite elegance and slim sophistication in our Neckerchiefs – a look that's not just stylish but also irresistibly cozy. Crafted from sumptuous Merino wool and available in three ravishing shades, these neck accessories are more than just fashion; they're a seamless blend of softness and functionality.

Choose from our timeless trifecta of tints: Grey, Olive, and Creme, each adding a touch of glamour to your wardrobe. Transform your look by wearing it as a tie with a simple knot, creating a chic statement piece.

Double-wrap it for an alluring warm scarf that brings comfort without the bulkiness and weight. Embrace versatility by using it as a headband, keeping your ears toasty in the cold while adding a playful touch to your style.

Elevate your ensemble with our Neckerchiefs – because style should always be as dynamic as you are!