Repair & Spa

We at HELEN WELLS love products that develop their patina with age, experience stories, and have charming wrinkles and maybe even patches. More so, when they have always been reliable at your side and hopefully will be for some more time.

Therefore, we will offer a unique option, enabling you to send in your products for repair & maintenance and a little bit of TLC: our REPAIR & SPA Service!
So wherever seams no longer hold, wool fuzzes or becomes thin, we would like to support you in continuing to use the "good piece" and enjoy it.

Take the opportunity to send us your favourite HELEN WELLS product, and we will check and decide personally with our craftsmen if there is a need for treatment and, if so, what the procedure will be: CONTACT US

Of course, at our "Care Guide", you will always find special care and washing instructions for your products.
In addition, depending on which material you hold in your hands, there are always a few simple tricks and facts to consider. We will help and guide you with your product handling and caring, and for some better explanations, videos are also coming soon.

So let your dog bed, collar or lead accompany you everywhere for another few months, years, just for a long time!

And the beautiful side effect?
It is the easy way of acting and living sustainably and mindfully, as far as the resources of our nature are concerned.
In this sense: TO LOVE & TO LAST BY NATURE.