Caring for your WOOL PRODUCTS

Wool is such a precious and impressive perfect natural material! It is of excellent engineering; the best nature can offer. It requires very little washing due to the keratin in the wool, which is a sort of self-cleaning property and breaks down bacteria. But to keep your wool item long lasting, a few things should be considered when caring for and handling it.

Wool - Washing & Drying

  • turn wool fabrics inside out
  • wash on delicate cycle! (or wool cycle or hand wash cycle)
  • low temperature (cold or max. 30°)
  • no spin!
  • no tumble dryer!
  • dry flat
  • use mild detergent (for wool & silk)
  • no use of softener!
  • treat stains immediately (do not let them dry first)

Sheep Coat - Care

A sheepskin is a 100% natural product. Washing less is more here!

For cleaning partially, please follow these steps:

  • Avoid (if possible) machine washing.
  • Remove stains preferably with a damp cloth.
  • Brush the fur with a special fur brush.
  • Regularly shaking the fur also contributes to maintaining its quality.

--- ::: ---

If it does come to the point where proper washing is necessary, then:

  • Please use only special fur detergent.
  • Wash only in the wool cycle or by hand.
  • Applies only to naturally tanned hides!
  • Before the fur is completely dry, please gently stretch / shape it.
  • Never dry on the heater or in direct sunlight.
  • After drying, the fur can be brushed again.