SHERPA or Fleece, is a very well-known material for light, warm and cosy use of jackets or blankets. Commonly it is pure Polyester, so in fact plastic and has no natural fibres.
We wanted to do differently. So we offer Sherpa in a 100% Wool quality. No microplastics! Just Wool and all its advantages - our ZERO PLASTIC SHERPA.
# 100% natural, renewable & sustainable
# warm in winter / cool in summer
# natural self-cleaning effect
# dirt-resistant & odour-inhibiting
# absorbs moisture, is compostable & recyclable
HELEN WELLS uses Sherpa for our DOG BEDS and PLAIDS.
All our wool fabrics respect the five animal freedoms and are mulesing-free.
If you want to know more how to care for your product to make it last, look at our CARE GUIDE.